Working holidays in Australia

Getting a job in Australia

If you’re keen to experience living and working in Australia, here are some useful tips and links to help you plan for your move.

Australia currently has a shortage of experienced, high calibre workers across a range of jobs sectors. If you have the experience and skills that employers in Australia are looking for, now could be the opportune time for your move.

Here are some tips for arranging a great working holiday job in Australia.

  • Do your research. Think about why you want to move to Australia and question your reasons. If it’s for the lifestyle, be aware that while most Australians pride themselves on maintaining a relaxed lifestyle,
    they still work hard. The majority of professional roles require you to work more than the standard 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Industry bodies and professional organisations like ACCA, (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)
    are great places to start your research.
  • Get in touch with an immigration consultant. They will be able to answer your visa, logistics and lifestyle questions and can speed the process of getting everything you need to work in Australia.
  • Be prepared to get on a plane and take a risk. Rather than sending out lots of emails enquiring about jobs, travelling to your city of choice allows you to meet recruitment consultants, understand how to tailor
    your experience to Australian roles - and proves you are serious about the move. 

Keep in mind that most companies and recruitment agencies will not interview you for specific jobs until you have arrived in the country. Unless you have a very specific skillset that can't be sourced in the local market, it is very rare to be offered a role without first attending a face-to-face interview.

Immigration and visas

It’s vital you have the right visa to work in Australia. Visit the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship website. To find out more about visas visit

Tax File Numbers

Everyone working in Australia needs a Tax File Number (TFN). This must be supplied to your employer, bank and superannuation fund. Go to the ATO website to find out more. 

Tax assistance

For help with your tax while you are in Australia, contact the Australian Taxation Office

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