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No matter how many times you’ve done it before, managing outplacement and redeployment is never easy. In today’s uncertain climate, navigating your organisation through change while ensuring your employees feel supported is a massive challenge for HR leaders.

As a leader in redeployment and outplacement services, we’ve helped countless Australian and New Zealand organisations manage this difficult process for over 30 years. We are proud to say that we’ve helped thousands of displaced employees to find new opportunities while providing HR leaders and managers with the support to navigate the changing work environment.

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Our career transition program can help your organisation to:

Leader & HR Support

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Change Management and Project Management

Hudson can assist with project management and announcement planning, including an implementation plan, communication strategy and effective scripts (as needed).

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Effective separation conversations training

Hudson can provide People and Culture and Line Manager education to equip your team with the skills to deliver appropriate redundancy messages (hold supportive separation conversation discussions).

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Leading Change and Lead Resilience Coaching

One-on-one coaching sessions or workshops for Leaders who are responsible for managing prolonged and/or significant change.

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Support on the day of announcements

Hudson coaches and consultants are available to conduct a debrief with line managers post their redundancy discussions.

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Industry leading experience through JobAccelerator

Through JobAccelerator, our online portal, HR Leaders have full transparency of their journey with Hudson. JobAccelerator provides a holistic overview of participant progression.

Employee Support

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Help employees quickly find a new job

Along with workshops and coaching, our AI-enabled, human-centric online portal will help your employees quickly find opportunities in line with their skills, passions and career goals.

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Notification support for affected staff

Hudson coaches, consultants and psychologists are available to be on-site or via a virtual career hub immediately following redundancy messages to reduce negative attitudes and redirect energy towards positive outcomes.

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Tailored one-on-one sessions

Delivered by highly experienced career coaches. In addition to face to face, we utilise video and teleconferencing tools, such as Zoom, WebEx, Skype and Facetime to conduct sessions remotely.

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Develop a career growth mindset

Support to help employees understand the impact of growth mindset on their career, to learn the importance of being future ready and to proactively manage their pathways.

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Industry leading experience through JobAccelerator

Our user-friendly online portal with specialist resources, templates, videos and learning, so transitioning employees have a truly unique and positive experience.

“We have 160 people finishing and they were very nervous and scared when they came to know Hella would be closing down soon. But now with these sessions, they caught positivity and they know a job is waiting for them..”

Jasmer Singh, Program Participant - Hella

Empower your employees for life beyond your organisation

Hudson’s Career Transition solution helps your organisation to manage change by supporting your people to quickly find a new job that’s right for them. Our approach aims to encourage self-awareness and build confidence while guiding participants through their journey, ultimately supporting them to achieve their career goals.

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Guiding participants through their transition journey

Transition is difficult for everyone in the organisation. Whether your employees are redeployed or made redundant, our expert career coaches are here to help them through their career transition journey.

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Tailoring our services to individual needs

Everyone’s career transition journey is different. This is why a bespoke approach to career transition is the most effective way to manage change. Through workshops, 1:1 coaching and more, we tailor our services to achieve the best outcome for your people.

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Helping them feel confident and supported

For many outplaced employees, change can deal a big blow to their self-esteem, which in turn can undermine their ability to seize their next opportunity. This is why we focus on rebuilding your employees’ confidence while offering them the professional advice they need.

"When you leave a role, it can take the wind out of your sails... Hudson have been really good at putting that all back together, setting my sails up and sending me out into the ocean and that’s been really beneficial.”

Career Transition Program Participant, ex-Coles

Your Hudson Team

We’ve brought together our expert team to help out yours.

Whether you need to hire quickly or need to offer your team career transition support, we are here to help.

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Trini Nixon

Head of Customer Acquisition - JobAccelerator

We’ve helped hundreds of organisations like yours

As a trusted change partner of 30+ years in the industry, we’ve helped hundreds of companies nagivate change and set their people up for success. No matter your challenges, we can tackle them for you.

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