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As organisations continue to undergo digital transformation at a rapid pace, the need for highly skilled digital talent has never been higher. Constantly evolving technology is driving demand for skills and role specialisations that didn't exist a few years ago.

Digital marketing recruitment

With an increasingly larger proportion of marketing budgets being invested into digital channels, the need for talent with experience in SEO, marketing automation, eDM, content marketing and social media has grown. In addition, as the marketing function evolves to include responsibility for customer experience and customer relationship management, there is a need for digital marketing professionals with diverse skillsets who can help to drive the digital agenda and help to successfully deliver digital transformation projects.

Digital creative recruitment

With more companies putting customer experience at the centre of their strategy, there is a growing need for experienced CX, UX, UI, digital and web designers to help organisations deliver seamless customer experiences across digital touchpoints.

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Hire quickly from a qualified talent pool

At Hudson, we pride ourselves on our ability to understand your requirements and quickly source top digital marketing and digital creative talent for your next role. We’ve built strong relationships with extensive talent pools across the most in demand roles. Our candidates who not only possess the in-demand technical skills but also the continuous improvement mindset and communication skills necessary to manage and lead change.

Our consultants are the trusted advisers you need to provide you with specialist market knowledge about digital salaries, job titles and hiring trends to ensure you attract and retain the best talent at the appropriate remuneration. We regularly attend and host guest-speaker events to ensure we remain at the forefront of industry developments and continue to grow our network.

Digital jobs we recruit for

Creative, UX & Digital Design Roles

UX Designer
UX Manager & Lead
UX Research
Service Designer
Product Designer
UI & Interaction Designer
Mobile Designer
Digital Designer
Web Designer

Digital Marketing Roles

Account Manager
Project Management
Digital Marketing
Digital Strategy
Multi Channel Automation
Optimisation (CRO)
CX Experience

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Murray Reordan

Manager - Development & Infrastructure

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Sebastian Kowaleczko

Principal Consultant – Technology & Digital

What our clients say about our digital recruitment team

“ I really appreciate the time Hudson took to understand the role and the specific skill requirements to fill it. The detailed time up front meant that the candidate we have selected was a rare gem who had the combination of skills we were after. Thank you! ”

“ I was very pleased with the service and candidates provided by the Hudson team. I liked that you took the time to find and review candidates before sending them to me. I'd rather wait a few days for good candidates than get bad ones within an hour of sending my request. ”

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