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At scaleup by Hudson, we’ve spent years helping our fellow Australians build resiliency in our communities, protect our economy, and rebound from natural disasters and global events through our public safety and frontline hiring solutions. We’re committed to our client’s common purpose - to ensure the community’s safety and well-being - by providing rapid response, highly efficient and defendable volume recruitment solutions.

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Frontline Rapid Response

We’re all about expecting the unexpected. Extreme weather is in the DNA of our country. Every year we see the emotional and economic toll of homes destroyed and communities pushed to the brink. COVID has also brought a new era of challenge to our way of life, creating unprecedented disruption.

From floods to fires and everything in between, we know that every situation is unique and the type of skills, roles, mindsets required can vary. Even in the shortest of timeframes, at the greatest of scales, we have sourced, assessed and deployed critical resources when it’s mattered most.

Recruitment for emergency services
Hiring public safety officers

Everyday Heroes In Public Safety

When the Government calls for help, our teams help public safety organisations find extraordinary spirit in seemingly ordinary people during difficult times. From graduate paramedics to unqualified roles like correctional officers, emergency call operators and COVID Quarantine Support Officers, our proven process, dedicated experts and streamlined technology are malleable to each unique context.

Proven Expertise

We’re trusted by the full spectrum of emergency services - Police, Ambulance and Fire & Rescue - to support in identifying and nurturing the unique leadership traits required to succeed in disaster and emergency management. Whether it’s first-time leaders or unique event-based leaders like Incident/Disaster Management Coordinators, all the way to Commissioners, we work with you to tap into your profile for success.

Bulk Recruitment - Police, Firefighters, Nurses, Paramedics, Emergency Support

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