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Sydney jobs market

Sydney is Australia’s largest and most iconic city.
From the city to the surf, the state government is constantly investing into developments throughout Sydney to
enhance its global city status.
As one of the world’s top 10 highest paying cities, Sydney remains a favourite destination for job seekers from
around the world.

The city of Sydney is currently reinventing itself and before long, will be a metropolis of three cities – West, East and Centre.
It’s estimated that by 2056, residents of the West, East and Centre will be no farther than 30 minutes from the city hubs. This means that there will be a steady increase of jobs evenly distributed throughout Greater Sydney.

Since 2012, in the inner city alone, some 66,017 extra jobs have been created to support the city’s growth.
Meanwhile, thousands of jobs and opportunities will be created for the Western Sydney Airport project.
From light rail, metro to the new airport in the West, there’s never been a more exciting to put yourself in a job in Sydney.

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