Psychometric assessment

Business benefits of psychometric assessment

Psychometric assessment has become a powerful tool and a proven method of delivering significant business value. Psychometric testing ensures hiring managers select candidates based not only on their skills and experience, but also on their cultural fit and potential for growth.

Hudson's psychometric assessment incorporates science into the decision making process to reduce the risk of making the wrong choice about vital issues such as:

  • Internal selection and recruitment
  • Staff development
  • Identification of high potentials
  • Succession planning
  • Team building

Identifying strengths and weaknesses

Understanding what motivates people and how they think, feel and react adds enormous value to the decision making process. By measuring intellect, emotional intelligence, personality, values, motivators and interests, psychometric testing is able to identify an individual’s critical strengths and highlights their development needs.

Identifying the connections between competencies and personal qualities allows companies to select those candidates who are not only likely to perform better, but who will also be a good ‘fit’ to both company culture and role. This ‘fit’ factor, often difficult to ascertain through interviewing alone, can prove to be a major component of selecting and retaining the best people.

Close collaboration delivers outstanding results

Truly valuable psychometric testing is achieved through close collaboration. It is Hudson’s priority to consult with key stakeholders to ensure we deeply understand your company culture and the roles within it, therefore matching best practice standards with each organisation’s unique requirements.

Our range of psychometric testing is tailored, targeted, outcome-focused and commercially grounded. Any assessment we utilise is validated and tested across a range of role types and industries.


A range of psychometric assessments to suit your hiring needs

Gain insights about your candidate’s “know how”, “can do” and “want to” through our range of reliable, valid and robust psychometric assessments.


Discover more about your candidate’s personality. How will they manage their emotions, work with others, organise and manage their work and deal with change?


Understand the cognitive ability of your candidate. How quickly will they learn and how effective are they when working with numbers and written information?


Learn more about what truly motivates your candidate at work. Do they enjoy having an impact on others or sinking their teeth into new challenges?


Develop insight into your candidate's ability to take emotional considerations into account when making decisions, executing tasks, building relationships and leading others.


Find out how well your candidate is able to build strong relationships, make effective decisions and provide direction to others.


Identify how adept candidates will be at prospecting for new business.

Find your best-fit candidates & improve your chances of hiring success

Discuss your assessment challenges with our specialist team today and learn how psychometric assessments will help you to select for success.

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