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Pinpoint the perfect people for your roles

Selecting the right candidates from a vast pool of applicants is a challenge almost every organisation faces when recruiting, and it’s one that doesn’t always end with a successful outcome.

Hudson’s 20:20 research found that only 56% of hires are considered good, with insufficient evaluation of a candidate’s capability and fit being a primary reason.

When you partner with us by choosing one of our candidate assessment packages, you gain greater confidence in your hiring decisions, knowing they're backed by sound research.

With this improved understanding, your organisation minimises the risk of a wrong hire and increases the probability of finding the ideal candidate. Whether you’re recruiting for a single position or a number of roles, no matter what level or type, you’ll be certain of pinpointing team members who fit culturally and contribute to your success.

A blueprint for identifying your top performers

Once you know what organisational success looks like, you have the foundation to determine criteria at an individual level, which are otherwise known as success profiles.

Whether you use them in existing teams or for future hires, a success profile acts as a blueprint for high performers. The metrics used to create a success profile can include data such as skills and experiences, as well as performance metrics such as review scores or KPIs.

When it comes to your hiring, having a success profile provides data-driven insights into whether a prospective candidate is a good match, and alleviates some of the unconscious bias in the hiring decision.


Access to the best suite of assessment tools for your role, including personality, cognitive ability, motivation, sales, leadership and situational judgement tests.

Faster speed
to performance

Easy to understand reports for Hiring Managers, to support onboarding and development.
Highly tailored verbal feedback sessions with Hiring Managers and candidates that are aimed to provide specific insights that will get new starters up to speed faster.


Candidates have the option to receive a highly personalised feedback session which 96% of candidates find worthwhile.
Candidates can receive a personal call to support them with the assessment process.

Get the answers you need to make your next hire the right one

When partnering with you to create a success profile for your organisation, these are steps we take:

All roles

  • What will they bring to my existing team?
  • Is the candidate a strong fit for the role?
  • What excites and engages them at work?
  • How will they perform against the critical requirements of the role?
  • How quickly will they get up to speed?

Leadership roles

  • What are their leadership strengths?
  • What is a candidate’s preferred leadership style?
  • What will derail them from reaching their leadership potential? 

Sales professionals

  • What part of the sales cycle does a candidate show most strength?
  • What is a candidate’s sale style – a hunter or a farmer?
  • What will hold a candidate back from hitting their sales targets?

Candidate assessments for every recruiting challenge

When recruiting for certain positions, you may need fast-turnaround online profiling. For other roles, you might prefer the insights that can be gained from both online and face-to-face assessment. Whatever your recruitment needs, we customise proven assessment solutions that deliver best-fit candidates.

For larger organisations, we can provide an in-house platform that enables you to efficiently and cost-effectively self-manage your own candidate assessments.

Psychometric assessment

We provide assessments to candidates to gain insights into their personality, abilities, motivations, and emotional and behavioural traits.

For larger organisations, we can provide an in-house platform that enables you to efficiently and cost-effectively self-manage your own candidates.

Online simulation exercises

Challenge your candidates with a variety of real-life materials and different mediums (like written exercises or video/audio simulations) which they complete online at a time and place of their choosing.

Face-to-face simulation exercises

Our face-to-face simulations are set in a real-life business contexts, covering a wide spectrum of industries and role levels that evaluate skills like communication, task management and information processing.

Find your best-fit candidates

Hudson’s talent assessments take the guesswork out of selecting the top talent for your organisation.

Get in touch with us to learn how tailored talent assessments can help you select for success.

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