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Imagine having a room full of people with the same backgrounds, values and ideas. In a work setting, it would not lead to new ideas or innovation being unleashed. Sadly, this phenomenon is more common than you think. 

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4 types of unconscious bias in the workplace

Benefits of a bias free selection and hiring process

Why should companies remove unconscious bias from their selection process?

Companies with greater diversity outperform their peers on a number of key economic indicators.

  • 35% increase in financial returns with cultural diversity
  • 46% return on equity with sustained gender diversity
  • 3-9% sales revenue for every 1% increase in ethnic and gender diversity

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Hudson can help you eliminate unconscious bias in the hiring process


At Hudson, we are passionate about diversity & inclusion. We offer many services to support organisations to minimise unconscious bias in the recruitment and selection process, while simultaneously reducing time to fill and improving your overall quality of hire.

Our services include:


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To find out more about our psychometric assessments and graduate recruitment or volume recruitment programs, contact Crissa Sumner, Director of Talent Management. Or to fill a single vacancy in your team, please contact Regional Director for Hudson Canberra, Dana Spasenoska.

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Dr Crissa Sumner

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