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Leadership Qualities: How Emerging Leaders Differ From The Crowd

What organisations can do to identify, evaluate and develop emerging leaders

Hudson Emerging Leaders Report
  • What effective leadership qualities are required to reach the top?
  • How different are tomorrow’s leaders from their peers and those above them?
  • How can organisations develop their people into C-suite leaders who drive lasting success?

Identifying Tomorrow’s Leaders Today: Determining the Differences That Matter uncovers the nature of future leaders. Based on in-depth analysis of the behavioural preferences of over 100 senior managers, compared to a norm group of over 160,000 professionals and over 700 C-suite leaders from Hudson’s global database, it reveals how to identify, evaluate and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Leadership qualities: What good looks like in emerging leaders today

A world-class report co-created by Hudson’s global and Australian Talent Management teams, this research is aimed at helping organisations better understand how to recognise, harness and grow key internal talent. Based on detailed responses to Business Attitudes Questions and their comparisons to Hudson’s extensive global database it reveals:

  • How organisations can identify future leaders already on their staff
  • The leadership-readiness of current emerging leaders
  • How to develop and grow new leaders into C-suite material

The research also reveals fascinating insights into the leadership qualities, behavioural preferences and personalities of tomorrow’s leaders, as well as the steps organisations can take to grow their people. Just some of the findings in the research:

  • Tomorrow’s leaders are in fact less socially confident than the average professional, as well as being less meticulous and less rational than the average professional 
  • Future leaders beat their peers on abstract thinking, as well as in their strong persuasion skills and action-oriented approach
  • Men are better at making decisions than female emerging leaders, while women are more driven than their male emerging leader counterparts
  • Compared to the C-suite, future leaders are significantly behind on relational and cultural sensitivity


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