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Big Data

Tackling the Big Data Challenge

More data has been created in the last two years globally than in the entire history of our planet. Companies now have the data to learn more about their customers than ever before. If you can leverage all this information effectively, you can unlock incredible opportunities for your organisation.

However, there will not be enough talent from traditional sources to meet demand.

“Gartner believes that by 2015, 4.4 million jobs related to Big Data will be created globally.”

Each of these jobs will create employment for three more people outside of IT. However, only a third of those positions can be filled given the current global academic pipeline.

So, how can organisations assemble Big Data talent that blends technical expertise with commerciality and an understanding of the market and customer – that elusive mix of soft and technical skills?

This report is intended to help enterprises identify the competencies needed to analyse, interpret and translate big data, delivering the predictive insights that can spur action and deliver business value.

Don’t miss out.

Download the Big Data report to:

  • Understand more about big data.
  • Find out more about the critical role of the Big Data Analyst – the lynchpin role in big data research teams.
  • Get a detailed breakdown of the technical and softer skills required by teams to leverage big data.
  • Find out how and where to source big data experts.


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