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6 easy things that many job seekers fail to do

6 easy things that many job seekers fail to do

There are plenty of life hacks when it comes to job hunting, and if you’re a job seeker you need to take advantage of them. They’re easy, and they may be obvious, but they’re also effective. Here are some of the simple steps you can take towards job seeking success.

Update your LinkedIn profile

In today’s connected world, a LinkedIn profile is an absolute must for any professional – especially one who’s looking for work. A complete, up-to-date and well thought out profile will give employers insights that aren’t necessarily available through your resume, including endorsements and recommendations. You will also be accessible to recruiters who use LinkedIn to search for and specifically target talent, so ensure your profile is detailed and updated. When you update your profile your connections will receive notifications, and that will help keep you front-of-mind.

Use your network

As the old saying goes, it’s not always what you know, but who you know, and personal recommendations and references are a common way for people to find jobs.

Your network can take many forms: past and present colleagues, LinkedIn connections, email and Facebook contacts, friends and family. You should always be looking to reach out and make new connections in your field and beyond, but a big component of networking is actually using the network you’ve already built. Don’t feel shy about seeking advice and assistance from your network when you are job hunting, but don’t forget to give back as well. Assistance should be a two-way street and helping others will mark you out as someone worth knowing.

Talk to recruiters

An easy way to uncover new opportunities is to meet with a recruiter – a key asset to any job seeker. Consider them as the matchmakers of the employment world, connecting candidates and organisations who can’t quite manage to find each other on their own. Not only will you gain the benefit of your recruiter’s own networks; a skilled recruiter will ensure that you’re the right fit for a potential role and act as an advocate for those who struggle to sell themselves well.  

Tailor and tweak

Tailor each cover letter and tweak your resume for each role you apply to – this is essential but is something that many job seekers fail to do, instead sending generic applications that don’t speak to the specific requirements of each role. Highlight the skills and experience that are most important for the position and mirror the language used in the job ad or job description in your resume and cover letter. This will definitely gain the attention of hiring managers.  

Read the fine print

In the rush to apply for a job, it can be tempting to overlook the finer details of a job description once you’ve seen a title and salary that sound promising. Avoid this trap by making it a habit to read ALL the provided material thoroughly before applying for any role, including any application guidelines included – and make sure you follow any instructions to a tee. You need to make sure you understand the role and its requirements fully, so you know how to tailor your application but also to ensure that you really are a good fit for the position. It’s all about the detail, and that means getting the spelling of the hiring manager’s name correct as well.

Always follow up

A common mistake for many job seekers is not to follow up after submitting an application or after an interview. Following up will show initiative and your continuing interest in the role. If the response is a no, always request feedback so you can take this on board for improvement in future applications and interviews. While different companies might be looking for different things, it’s a great opportunity to flag any major mistakes you may be making in the recruitment process and make life easier for yourself in future. Besides, if you’ve made a good impression the company may keep you in mind if another suitable position arises at a later date.

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