What's it like working at Hudson?

Hear from some of our recruitment consultants

Hudson Australia stories

What's it really like working at Hudson?

We asked a few of our recruitment consultants to give us an insight into what they used to do, why they chose recruitment at Hudson, and what they like about working here.

WA team at Rottnest Island

Amber, Executive Consultant – Technology & Digital, Canberra


Prior to Hudson, I worked at a telecommunications company for 10 years. I was looking for a change and a friend of mine told me that I’d make a good recruiter. After speaking with them about a career in recruitment, I jumped ship and I haven’t looked back.

Coming from a renowned telecommunications organisation, I knew how important it was to work for a reputable company. That’s is why I chose Hudson.

Hudson empowers you to manage your practice like it’s your own business. This means your success is determined by the effort, drive and decisions that you put in.

I built my desk from the ground up and have grown it so significantly that I am now one of the top three billers in the country.

I have built a name for myself in the industry and I get a lot of repeat businesses and referrals from candidates and clients. I really love what I do and am proud of my achievements!