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Specialist recruitment at Hudson

Take control of your career as you discover talent for clients and help people realise their career potential by matching them to their best-fit role.

Finding a new job is one of the biggest decisions anyone makes in their life. As a consultant at Hudson, you will quite literally change people’s lives every day, by helping them find the workplace and role where they will shine.

In this fast-changing world, an organisation’s greatest competitive advantage comes from having the best people. It's true at Hudson too, which is why we are looking for you!

Your role as a specialist recruitment consultant

Being a specialist recruitment consultant means that you will be focused on specific roles within job functions.

You’ll become an expert in the skills, salaries and trends for those roles, whether that’s for Digital Marketing within Sales & Marketing, Business Partnering within Accounting & Finance, or UX Design within Technology & Digital.

Canberra employees

Find and engage the best talent

In today’s recruitment market, candidates are more passive than ever before, yet far more open to talking about job opportunities. Few candidates that we place into roles have applied for that specific job through an ad.

At Hudson, you will use our extensive database of specialised talent pools, networks and multiple sourcing channels to find, engage and nurture outstanding candidates, so you can make the best placements for your clients, in the fastest time possible.

Be rewarded for your work

You’ll receive training and support to help you grow your desk, with clear and transparent criteria that empower you to progress your career and to earn more.

Our bonuses are individual yet we have a strong team mentality. We share opportunities. We have a healthy competitive approach and we collaborate a lot.
Jason, Manager - Property & Construction, Melbourne

Don't have the experience yet?

Recruitment consultants can come from all sorts of backgrounds. Sales is a particularly helpful background as you will need to be confident actively looking for and finding new clients. Industry experience can give you a head start within your specialism. But there are heaps of transferable skills you can bring to the table.

Who does Hudson hire?

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We're looking for you if you're:

  • Ambitious, passionate and results-oriented
  • Motivated by building strong connections and providing outstanding service to your clients
  • A team player who also knows how to have fun
  • A natural people person with strong networking skills and a desire to become the best in a fast-paced business environment
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Does this sound like you?

Take control of your career and apply today via our jobs board, or by filling in the form below. Your information will be kept confidential, and our local leaders will follow up with you if they think you could be a good fit.