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It is a weird time, isn’t it? Your couch wasn’t ready to host you for so many hours every day! In between a few active steps to and from the kitchen, we still need to get things done and get you ready for your next job opportunity.

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Before diving into Instagram we want to make sure that our hashtag gets billions of posts! Share with us your insights, books, movies, cat pics or interrogations from your couch. #CouchWorking


Rock your personal brand

Inevitably you would have receives messages from recruiters, but how does it work? And how can you attract the best offers? Well, we may not know how to code, but we understand a bit about LinkedIn algorithms…


Crack the selling code

While your app idea might be amazing, walking straight up to the doorbell of a mega-company like Apple or Google will be about as successful as wearing socks on the beach.


Get to the next level

So many career options, qualifications, skills and industries. The Tech & Dig world is huge, and you need to play a part in it. Whether you want to make a small or a big step, build up your knowledge with these top certifications.

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