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Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions by our contractors

What do I do if I have not received a timesheet?

You can complete online via the Contractor Zone or download a paper timesheet here.

Please ensure you include your Temporary Identification, Assignment Number and Week Ending Date on the paper timesheet.

Who do I contact if my personal details change?

To update your address or bank account details you can complete a Payroll Information Form and email to or you can do this online via the Contractor Zone.

What if I cannot work?

If you are currently undertaking an assignment, please contact your consultant as soon as possible.

I am a contractor/temporary registered as a company. What documents do I need to provide?

You need to provide us with the following documentation:

  • Evidence of Incorporation/Partnership/Trust Deed
  • Certificates of currency for insurance(e.g. workers compensation, professional indemnity and public liability)

Please note that Hudson only engages candidates as independent Contractors through a company, trust or partnership. Hudson does not engage Sole Traders.

Contact your consultant for more information.

My visa has expired, what do I do?

You need to think about what you want to do well in advance of your visa expiring as once your work visa has expired you are no longer eligible to work in Australia. Please contact your recruitment consultant immediately if your visa has expired.

How much superannuation do I receive?

If you are contracting under a PAYG or employment arrangement, your superannuation payment will be equal to 9.25% of your base pay rate. Your superannuation can be paid to Hudsons default fund, Kinetic Superannuation or alternatively you can complete a superannuation choice form to nominate a fund of your choice.

If you wish to pay this to your own chosen fund, please complete a standard choice form.

Am I eligible for payment while attending Jury Service?

If you are summoned for a jury service the relevant court/sheriffs office will generally pay you an allowance for any lost wages and for travel. Contact the relevant court/sheriff’s office in your state or territory or your consultant.

Am I eligible for annual leave?

Hudson employs the majority of contractors/temporaries as casual employees. As a casual employee you are not entitled to paid annual leave.

Am I eligible for sick pay?

Hudson employs the majority of contractors/temporaries as casual employees. As a casual employee you are not entitled to sick pay.

Am I eligible for any other leave, i.e. maternity/paternity, compassionate or study?

Generally you will not be eligible for any forms of paid leave however in limited circumstances you may be eligible for unpaid leave. Please contact your recruitment consultant to confirm if you may be eligible.

How do I report a workplace injury?

All work related injuries and incidents, no matter how minor must be reported to both Hudson and your supervisor as soon as practicable. To report a work related injury or incident, please complete a Hudson injury report form.

How do I report a workplace hazard?

A hazard is any source of harm or potential harm to a person or to property/equipment. This can include unsafe work practices or any other aspects of the work environment.

Should you identify a hazard in your workplace which you are unable to safely resolve yourself report it to your supervisor.

If you are dissatisfied with the steps taken by your supervisor to address the hazard, you must escalate the issue to your recruitment consultant.

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Contractor Zone

The Hudson Contractor Zone is designed for contractors on assignment through Hudson.

This is a efficient and convenient way to submit your timesheets, update your personal details and view your payslips




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