Top IT Certifications To Complete From Your Couch In 2020

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With the pandemic lockdowns, maybe you’ve been forced to work remotely. Maybe you’ve had to explore the deepest depths of Netflix to stave off boredom. And maybe you’ve even transformed your living room into a gym or yoga studio!But whether you’re on the laptop, TV or mat, you rely on technology to get through the day.

Technology is a fundamental part of life. In fact, Australia’s IT market is poised to hit $100 billion in 2021 . And whether you’rea graduate looking to advance your career, or searching for a change, it makes sense that IT has some of the biggest opportunities. But sometimes, it’s hard to know which skills or certifications will kickstart or progress your career.

Well, fear not! We’ve found the best IT certifications you can take online from the comfort of your couch. They’ve been split into three categories – foundational, technical and leadership –
to cover whicheverstage you’re at in your career journey.


Everyone’s got to start somewhere, right? With these online certifications, you can build up your knowledge in a technology niche and open up the doors of possibility.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate

IT Support can be the perfect entry-level role, as it gives you a good grounding in technology. If that sparks your interest, Google offers an IT Support Professional Certificate that lets you study the fundamentals of computing and software online. There are no prerequisites and even better, the course is free.

> Find out more about the IT Support Professional Certificate here.

Microsoft Technology Associate

Just like Google, Microsoft is one of the biggest names in technology, so their certifications are worth looking at. The Microsoft Technology Associate (or MTA) isn’t a single certification though, but a family of them. You can take one of several exams to get an MTA in a specific field: Java Programming, Windows, or Database Fundamentals to name a few. Again, there are no prerequisites, and when you’re ready to sit the exam, you do it online.

> Find out more about the Microsoft Technology Associate here.

CompTia A+

CompTia has been around since the 1980s, and its A+ certification has a first-class reputation. The A+ takes you through ALL the basics, such as security, operating system configuration, IT troubleshooting, networking, and more. You’ve got plenty of options to study online, ranging from free to thousands of dollars (if you learn through a private institute).

> Find out more about the CompTia A+ certification here.

Certified Associate In Project Management® (CAPM)

Project management can be a lucrative career. If you’re looking to move in that direction but don’t have the experience, this certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI) may be an ideal starting point. The prerequisites to take the exam are minimal: you only need a high school diploma and to complete an online course that PMI offers.

> Find out more about the CAPM certification here.


According to Deloitte, demand for IT technical roles skyrocketed over 25% during the last six years, with more technical positions than any other category. If you want to build a rewarding career in IT’s busiest sector, these certifications will interest you.

AWS Developer – Associate

Cloud-based Amazon Web Services (or AWS) are used by businesses everywhere today, and having solid skills with the technology could make you very marketable. However, this certification isn’t for newcomers: it’s recommended for developers who want to dive deeper into AWS. For those looking at a senior development role, Amazon also offers the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification.

> Find out more about AWS Developer – Associate here.

OpenEDG Python Institute Certifications

According to several sources, Python is the most popular programming language used today. If you’re looking to get into software development or give yourself more opportunity, a Python certification could boost your chances. While there’s no official certification for Python, the OpenEDG Python Institute offers a pathway for aspiring Python coders, starting with Certified Entry-Level Programmers up to Certified Professionals.


> Find out more about the OpenEDG Python Institute certifications here.


Google Associate Android Developer

Google were the brains behind Android, so it makes sense that they want to support the developer community around it. One of their initiatives to do that is the Associate Android Developer certification. With mobile apps now big business, the career opportunities around Android development are huge, which makes this certification an attractive one.

> Find out more about the Google Associate Developer here.




Tech leaders and managers are facing a skills gap, which research shows could be disrupting over half of IT businesses today. Their challenge could be your opportunity, and if you’re looking to break into a technology leadership role, you’ll want to look at certifications like these.

Project Management Professional (PMP)

If you want to join the lofty ranks of Project Managers (or stand out if you’re already one), the PMP certification is for you. There are over 1 million certification holders, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s easy to get. There are several prerequisites to sit the exam, such as a degree, experience in leading projects, and previous education around project management.

Find out more about the Project Management Professional here.

Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM)

Agile and Scrum aren’t just buzzwords, but frameworks that have changed the way teams around the world build software. And at the heart of those teams: the Scrum Master. They lead and guide a Scrum team, helping team members understand Scrum theory, practices and values. Before taking the exam, you must complete an online or in-person course taught by a Scrum Trainer.


> Find out more about the Certified ScrumMaster® certification here.


ITIL® Foundation

The ITIL framework is a set of best practices and guidelines for businesses to get the most out of technology. It’s a common certification for IT Managers and other senior roles in technology. While there are several levels of ITIL certification, it starts at the Foundation level.

> Find out more about the ITIL® Foundation certification here.


Ready For The Next Step?

All of these IT certifications can serve as a launchpad or catalyst into the hustle and bustle of technology. And if you’re after something else, you’ll probably find it with a quick web search.

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