Conquer the App Store from the Comfort of Your Couch

by Hudson
conquer the app store from your couch

How to successfully sell your app idea online?

You’re a genius. You’ve successfully released a new app for cinema-goers that tells people when it’s a good time to run out for a pee break during a movie. Now what? Well, now it’s time to profit from your ingenuity!

The world’s unquenchable thirst for mobile apps sees over AU$180 Billionof consumer spending each year1, despite over 90% of mobile apps being free2.

This thriving digital marketplace is no country fair and in 2020 you don’t even have to get off the couch to pocket your portion of the mobile money mountain – you just need to know where to go online to get noticed and ultimately sell your app.

While your app might be amazing, walking straight up to the doorbell of mega-companies like Apple, Google and Facebook will be about as successful as wearing socks on the beach. The big guys won’t touch it unless it’s already a fully developed working product with proven success. Ironic huh? You need to already be successful to be successful. That old catch 22.

But there is some truth to this. Not everyone can properly judge whether something will be good before they see proof, so spending the time to have a V1 working app out on the is the best kick-start you can give your cash-attraction chances.

Remember too that with a lot of successful apps, the value is not just within the idea but also within the network of people using it. So open up your socials – it’s time to utilise these incredible platforms to connect with colleagues, family, friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends! Read our last article on how to rock your LinkedIn profile as an IT professional.

Here are 5 vital steps for you to successfully launch and grow your app idea online:

sell your app idea online

  1. During the exciting launch and growth phase of your app, consider making your app free to download so you can maximise installation and user growth. There are a lot of cheapskates out there that you still want as customers!
  2. Kindly pester your existing online network to download the app and leave a 5-star review before sharing the app with others. Always get other people to do your marketing work for you wherever possible 😉
  3. Create a dedicated social media profile for the app and build buzz by highlighting app features and positive user feedback. Don’t forget your call-to-action to download!
  4. Maintain it a daily routine to research your market and reach out to anyone who could potentially be interested in your app. If you can connect with influencers who already have large networks and are actively looking for content to broadcast, you’ve hit the jackpot!
  5. Once you’ve built your user base and have some momentum, you can put a crafty pitch together to present to potential buyers. You can sell to competitors who may be interested in absorbing you, perhaps sell your app’s function as an exciting new feature to an existing company’s product, or you can go the solopreneur path and maintain ownership whilst pitching to investors for capital.

So there you have it! Use those amazing coding and development skills of yours to make a great new app and leverage social marketing to build growth opportunities and you’ll be swimming in a pool of profits in no time.

Speaking of opportunities, here at Hudson we specialise in the business side of the tech space and use our extensive networks to place candidates with skillsets just like yours in jobs they absolutely love. If your app idea doesn’t work out, give us a call and find out what other exciting opportunities exist for you and your underutilised genius.