Make your LinkedIn profile stand out

by Hudson
LinkedIn profile

Tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out

With more than 450 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is a social networking service that you can’t ignore as a professional. Follow these 8 simple steps to boost your LinkedIn profile visibility and make sure you are seen by prospective employers.

Here are 8 simple ways you can boost your visibility on LinkedIn

  1. You are your headlineYour headline should not make people wonder about what you do. Address who you are, who you help and back it up with evidence. Perhaps your role encompasses writing books, teaching and consulting. Make use of LinkedIn’s headline functionality
    by listing all the roles you perform. If you can describe what you do more accurately, your profile will turn up more frequently in searches.
  2. Put your best profile picture forward
    LinkedIn profile: Photo and headlineIs the headshot on your LinkedIn 10 years out of date? Or worse, have you never bothered to change the default icon on your profile? According to digital experts DMR, your profile is 36 times more likely to be viewed if it has a photo. Make sure
    your profile picture is professional with a clear background.
  3. Create your own posts
    LinkedIn profile: Published postsWhile sharing and commenting is a good start, your original posts will become a part of your digital profile. LinkedIn posts are like a blog post. Your posts will become a part of Google search, so it’s a chance to share your thoughts with
    a bigger audience than just your LinkedIn followers.
  4. Your summary is your story
    LinkedIn profile: SummaryWhen worded carefully, your summary can offer a peek into who you are, the extent of your experience, expertise, the type of roles you’re seeking and the best way to contact you. Write your summary as if it will be all that a busy employer
    or recruiter reads before contacting you (because it well might be). And do use the summary functionality to include links to content you’ve created or helped with – such as websites, SlideShare presentations or industry articles.
  5. Use your experiences to paint a vivid picture of you
    LinkedIn profile: ExperienceThe more information you provide in this section, the bigger picture you build for potential employers.
  6. Are you selling your skills enough?
    LinkedIn profile: SkillsListing your skills confers a number of benefits: it readily outlines your key capabilities; it makes your profile more searchable to those who specifically seek out professionals with your skills; it provides your network with an easy way of
    endorsing your abilities.
  7. You can never have too many recommendations
    LinkedIn profile: RecommendationsIf you’re going to ask someone to spend time writing glowing things about you, a personalised email will always be appreciated. Don’t be afraid to initiate by writing a recommendation for a former colleague, and then ask if they can
    return the favour.
  8. Talk to your networkLinkedIn reached 1 billion endorsements in just six months in 2013, as professionals realised this was a friendly way to network – and receive endorsements of their own, too.Other beneficial ways of interacting include commenting on or sharing content you find interesting or pertinent to your field, and joining industry groups (LinkedIn members join an average of seven groups). Following influencers and joining the conversations
    on their posts also helps extend your reach and boost your profile as a key person to connect with in your industry.

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