Top 5 resources to help you manage your career journey

by Hudson
5 resources to help manage your career journey

Staying on top of your career doesn’t need to be a chore. You also don’t need to wait until you’re made redundant or in between jobs to keep on track of it.

Thanks to technology, there are some excellent tools at your fingertips that will make it easier for you to progress your career while learning a thing or two about yourself.

Check out these inspiring resources and set your career path on track.

  1. Ted Talks PlaylistFrom how to have better conversations to building up your creative confidence, tune into these Ted Talks to feel inspired in your new workplace.
  2. MindsetEven those who haven’t read the book are familiar with the concept of the “growth mindset.” This book by psychologist and Stanford University professor, Carol Dweck is great for anyone who wants to understand what it takes to
    reach their full potential. A popular reference for many career coaches, this is a book you should read at least once.
  3. MeetupTo know what’s going on in your sector, you’ve got to network and meet other professionals in your field.
  4. Optimal Living DailyWhen you are in a good place in your personal life, you are more likely to be more engaged and happy in your professional life. This holistic podcast series tackles some deep ideas around happiness, success and living your optimal life in bite

  5. 80,000 hoursFrom podcasts to articles with key points highlighted to save you time, this website has everything you need to think about what kind of career may give you the most fulfilment. While it was initially set up for youth to explore their career options
    in line with the organisation is an Oxford, UK-based organisation that conducts research on careers and will provide professionals across all demographics with insightful career advice.