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Two women with a laptop talking at work

Managing workplace culture in the time of COVID-19

Culture and engagement are critical factors in driving organisational performance, and yet they have had to be re-invented during the…

preparing for tomorrow's workforce

Preparing today for the workforce of tomorrow

HR directors were already dealing with a rapidly changing world when along came the unprecedented disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic….

Female Human Resources Manager

Why HR leaders are crucial for digital transformation

2020 has disrupted many sectors and industries and has well and truly shone a light on the important role HR…

navigate your workforce decisions

Navigate your workforce decisions: lessons from the GFC

Lessons from the GFC to help you navigate your workforce decisions History can teach invaluable lessons. As we again need…

Manage remote teams and boost engagement

Tips for managing remote teams

How to manage remote teams: Boosting engagement and morale for remote teams during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond Times are…

How to manage remote teams: Your checklist for onboarding remotely

How to manage onboarding remotely

How to manage remote teams: Your checklist for onboarding remotely Most team leaders are acquiring new skills as they manage…

7 transferable skills employers are looking for

7 transferable soft skills employers are looking for

A constant state of flux is our new normal, with technology rapidly evolving to take care of many tasks people…

Performance Review

How to prepare for a performance review

Many of us look at a performance review meeting scheduled in the calendar and start to get nervous – and…

Meeting between male and female

How to explain gaps in employment

Many professionals will at some point want or need to take a career break. Often, people’s career break reasons include…

Colleagues I don't like

How to work with someone you don’t like

While the dream for most employees is to work with a team that they always get on with, the reality…

Couple discussing growth mindset over coffee

The benefits of a growth mindset

How can a growth mindset benefit your career? Carol Dweck of Stanford University identified two mindsets people can have about…

star method for behavioural interview questions

Behavioural interview questions: use the STAR method

How to use the STAR method to answer behavioural interview questions Behavioural job interview questions are often the most challenging…