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Why Are Workplace Diversity Initiatives Failing?

And How They Can Be Fixed

Australia is at a crossroads when it comes to workplace diversity.

According to new Hudson research, just over half (56.5%) of HR hiring managers across Australian and New Zealand say increasing diversity is a key strategic objective of their organisation. Yet only one third (33.5%) of these have specific initiatives in place to improve female representation in leadership. And of this group, just 36.3% reported that their organisation’s initiatives are meeting or exceeding set targets.

“The two long term challenges facing businesses in Australia and New Zealand are having enough of the right talent to deliver what an organisation needs to achieve its objectives, and growing inclusive, collaborative leaders able to transform organisations. Increasing women in leadership roles meets both these objectives – in terms of the size of the talent pool and the unique skills and style they bring to leadership roles.

Any organisation that fails to optimise this talent pool is destined to fall behind its competitors.”

- Simon Moylan, Executive General Manager Talent Management, Asia- Pacific.

Workplace Diversity Research

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Diversity: Women In Leadership

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