Recruitment Process Redesigned

Psychometric assessment, graduate, scale, volume,
campaign or project recruitment. You name it.

Scale up your recruitment process

Hand to hand rather than end to end.

Our clients describe us as driven, insightful, and a ‘safe pair of hands when it matters most’. Our candidates say we're engaging, personable, authentic and empowering.

Our approach ensures our clients discover the right people - people that will stay and perform – in the most cost efficient, diversity boosting, candidate nurturing, and defensible manner.


End to end or plug & play


Consulting with clients


1. Consult

Start from the ground up. Future-proof your talent strategy and create a defensible, targeted and purposeful foundation for success.

  • Identify your core design principles for the process
  • Capability & Success Profiling
  • Diversity & Inclusion Considerations
  • Team Training & Empowerment


2. Attract

Double up your actions. Take advantage of 35 years of recruitment & behavioural assessment expertise to attract top talent. Amplify & extend your brand through our engaging, behavior-based, technology-driven, attraction and marketing capability.

  • Creative & powerful key value propositions and program awareness
  • Co-branding campaigns
  • Compelling, inclusive, and enjoyable content strategy
  • Powerful Applicant Tracking System
  • Media management
recruitment process - attract


Assessing candidates


3. Assess

Quality vs Quantity? The two are no longer exclusive. Our balance of expertise with cutting-edge tech will ensure you spend more time with people than with applications. Our award-winning technology and world class talent will help you unearth the best talent. After all, the “Know-how” is not equal to the “want to”.

  • Best-in-class globally certified Psychometric Assessments
  • Behavioural Simulations
  • AI and ML powered options (*artificial intelligence, machine learning)
  • Digital Assessment Centre Software and purpose build facilities across ANZ


Looking for psychometric assessments for your candidates now?

Hudson's psychometric assessment tools introduce science into your decision-making process, reducing risk and ensuring you hire with confidence.





recruitment process - refine - interviewing



4. Analyse

Where science meets art. Our interactive and responsive dashboards backed by our team of qualified mathematicians and data-gurus will supercharge your program.

  • Real-time Matching Capability
  • Unparalleled individual and cohort insights
  • Personalise on-boarding and on-the-job learning and development



5. Hire

Hire with confidence, guaranteed. We'll ensure you feel 100% confident about every hire, whether it's 10 or 1,000 hires.

  • ATSI & MP* inclusive hiring approach
  • Pre-employment, reference and probity checks 
  • ISO-certified Performance Driver Model
  • Inclusive, Bias-eliminating, diversity boosting process.

 *Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander & Maori & Pasifika

Young Male


Refining process with clients


6. Refine

No two candidates are the same, and neither our our programs. We never settle for mediocrity, and our methodology is always changing based on your needs.

  • Everything reviewed through our ISO 9001:2015 quality management process
  • Data-driven insights, and learnings
  • Continuous candidate feedback to inform real-time adjustments



Experience the expertise

According to a 2018 McKinsey report, companies in the top quartile for workforce diversity are 33% more likely to financially outperform than their less-diverse counterparts.
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I have a very positive experience with Hudson. The Brisbane Lead4Qld team were amazing and supportive. Engagement with the team was always positive and they were energetic regarding the product. Brielle, Morgan, Matt & Rebecca. The entire experience was great. I would happily engage with this team again should the need arise.

Colleen Bright

Senior Advisor TMR

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I've had the pleasure of working with a number of team members from Hudson and every one of them has been outstanding. They hire smart, client centric, reliable and personable people - and it shows in their client outcomes and results. I would strongly recommend Hudson to anyone considering a new recruitment partner.

Holly Brailsford

Senior Manager

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It has been an excellent experience working with Hudson in Brisbane & I can't speak highly enough about the fantastic team and their excellent customer service.


Principal Project Officer

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