Develop leaders

Risk-proof the future of your business by developing leadership bench strength

Once you understand what a good leader looks like in your organisation and have identified your high-potentials, the critical next step is to nurture and develop that talent.

But leadership development is much more than a 1-day course or a 30-minute video.

Sustained engagement and nurturing is the key to growing your leaders and ensuring the long-term success of your organisation. Building a development program that can continue to deliver growth opportunities and engagement for your talent is a vital part of any succession plan.

Reap the rewards of successful leadership development

When you have an effective leadership development or training program, your organisation gains significant, long-term benefits:

Develop your leadership pipeline

Your leadership pipeline develops people ready to step up and drive the performance of your organisation

Engage and grow your talent

Your pool of talent stays engaged, is developed and is much more likely to be retained.

Focus your investment

Building leadership is more cost effective than buying external talent

Share your leadership vision

Shared understanding amongst your next generation of leaders around how leadership is represented in your organisation

Our approach to your leadership development

The philosophy we follow to grow great leaders is summarised in two phases.

Build for success. Measure for impact.

Your needs and priorities are fully accommodated in our leadership development plans. A combination of leadership coaching, mentoring, practical workshops and experiential learning can all be designed around specific leadership challenges in your organisation.

hudson leadership development model illustration

Help your leaders thrive

Experiential workshops

These workshops provide opportunities for people to experience situations, problems and challenges that are practical, interactive and collaborative. Activities range from self-reflection exercises, case studies and group activities.

Learning centres

Leverage experiential learning and improve capability through individual business simulation exercises and simulation games or business activities.

Action learning projects

Often used as a follow up to other development modules, action learning projects focus on addressing an applied workplace issue. This may include fixing an organisational problem or challenge, such as developing a strategy for improving productivity or customer satisfaction.


Gain assistance with permanent growth and behavioural change by providing leaders with personalised feedback, guided action planning and ongoing support.


Foster reciprocal personal relationships between in-house and outside the sector mentors and mentees focused on all aspects of leadership development.

Start building your next generation of leadership

Contact our specialist team to learn more about how we help organisations like yours establish high-quality leadership training programs to develop leaders for today and tomorrow.