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Many organisations hire and develop staff without a clear understanding of what differentiates high performers. Others base decisions off inaccurate assumptions about what makes a high performer successful. Without knowing the right criteria for success, the risk of a poor hire increases, resulting in limited employee engagement, rising turnover, or worse, lacklustre capability to execute your vision.

To be able to identify candidates most likely to succeed, you first have to be clear about what success actually means:

  • Where does our organisation need to go?
  • What skills and capabilities do we need to get there?
  • How does the organisation need to shift culturally to achieve our objectives?

Answering those questions is an important step to defining what each role needs to deliver for sustained success.

Strength-based leadership models are not enough.

Many leadership development strategies aim to isolate key strengths in high-performing leaders, then identify and cultivate those characteristics in emerging leaders.

But these models miss a critical component: an honest look at traits (or “derailers”) that can make leaders fail or underperform.

With a leadership model that allows you to identify both strengths and development opportunities, you’re in a better position to assess and develop your emerging leaders accordingly.

When partnering with you to create a success profile for your organisation, these are steps we take:

Step 1


The first step is to understand your business, its leadership and its development practices. This helps us help you to define your leadership strategy.

Step 2


We apply leading tools to assess current performance, leadership potential and possible derailers. The results are brought to life in an innovative, interactive dashboard that maps your talent and quickly and easily provides valuable insights.

Step 3


Based on your talent map, our expert consultants provide tailored and practical advice about building the leadership capability across and throughout your organisation.

A leadership strategy for the modern era

Our approach allows you to completely define, control and build a leadership strategy uniquely tailored to your organisational strategy and context.


Map individuals on performance, potential and the likelihood of derailing, so you can plan your leadership pipeline with certainty


Analyse your results quickly to determine action with combined views and data sources on a single screen


Profile talent in different teams with different lenses that allow you to impartially evaluate across a number of key leadership aspects, such as drive, vision and impact


Adjust the context as your organisation’s needs evolve to provide new insights into emerging talent and leadership-related questions

Next generation leadership starts here

Drawing of a man giving a presentation

Identify & map talent

Unearth your future talent and understand the capability of your existing leaders with our range of data-driven assessment approaches.

Drawing of a leader at top of stack of blocks

Develop talent

Build your leadership pipeline with a range of unique experiential leadership development and coaching solutions.

Leaders in the field

As leadership experts, Hudson works with organisations like yours to plan and develop comprehensive leadership strategies that identify talent, assess strengths and development opportunities, map out plans for your leaders, and transform your talent’s potential into performance.


When you partner with Hudson to build your leadership strategy, you work with leadership professionals helping hundreds of public and private sector organisations and over 20,000 individuals in their leadership growth & development.


We use a range of proven and reliable development centres, psychometric tools, and 360-degree feedback surveys to support your leadership development.


We support you to create leadership development strategies grounded in principles of experiential learning and defined by a high-energy, interactive and practical approach.


Our leadership solutions are evidence-based and developed by registered organisational psychologists, so your planning is supported by experts in assessment and behaviour change.

Data-driven leadership planning

Based on extensive research and tested with numerous organisations, we’ve built a data-driven approach to understanding and developing your leaders that blends best practice principles with pragmatic application.

Data driven approach to leadership planning

Award-winning leadership development programs

AHRI Leadership Development Award

AHRI bronze medal in Rob Goffee Leadership Development Award category

Workplace Excellence Awards

Finalist in APS workplace excellence awards for leadership & Coaching

HRD Talent Management Service Provider Award 2017

HRD Magazine Bronze medal for talent management

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