Digital Transformation

You have the know how. We have the know who.

The rate of innovation and disruption in business is accelerating at a staggering pace.

Depending on how your organisation responds, this can either be an incredible growth opportunity or a serious threat. One thing is for certain. Without the right people in place to drive change from within, your chances of success are greatly diminished.

Change Agents are essential for successful digital transformation

Digital transformation is about more than just technology. It requires a team of innovative people who can introduce new thinking, expertise and experience to spark transformation in your organisation.

Ensuring your business attracts and retains the right mix of change agents is paramount. Getting it right takes time and diligence.

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Recruitment in an era of digital transformation

Finding great digital talent is one of the biggest challenges an organisation faces when embarking on the digital transformation journey. New roles such as project managers, developers, business analysts, CTO’s, system architects and change managers are being added to businesses as they strive to acquire the skills and people needed for critical projects.

That’s why you need to partner with a digital transformation recruitment specialist who can connect you to the in-demand change agents you need for success.


Hire specialised professionals with the technical skills to develop the technology and digital infrastructure, as well as leaders to manage your digital transformation projects.


Look for talent with experience in SEO, marketing automation, eDM, content marketing, social media as well as experienced CX, UX, UI, digital and web designers to drive the digital agenda.

Project Management

Recruit project management professionals such as project managers, change managers and business analysts to speed up the implementation of change management in your organisation.


Innovate through Big Data exploration, story-telling or data analysis, by hiring highly-skilled analytics professionals who can provide organisations with a competitive edge.

You have to think of the big picture. We’ve employed Project Managers, responsible for bringing the vision to life, and Change Managers who help to communicate the vision and create behavioural change in our organisation.

Dean Davidson

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