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Total consultants:  

Andrew Tomich

General Manager - WA & SA,

Byron Ellis

Manager – Accounting & Finance, Policy & Program, Risk & Compliance,

Charles Kerr

Principal Consultant – Senior Executive,

Chris Lejsek

Director - Accounting & Finance,

David Walker

Regional Director- Newcastle,

Donna O’Flynn

Associate Director - Business Support,

Donna Thomas

Manager – Business Support - Marketing, Communications & Digital,

Emma Hoar

Managing Consultant,

Jack Nicholls

Associate Director – Accounting & Finance - Risk & Compliance,

Matthew Smee

Managing Consultant - Engineering, Supply Chain & Procurement, Property & Construction,

Natalie Adams

Associate Director - Business Support - HR,

Jacky Mason

Manager – Engineering - Property & Construction - Supply Chain & Procurement,

Pat Hart

Principal Consultant – Policy and Program - Senior Executive, ,

Phil Scardigno

Associate Director – Accounting & Finance - Risk & Compliance,

Steve Webber

Manager – Project Services,

Natasha Down

Associate Director - Business Support,

Alexandra Smith

Managing Consultant - Human Resources,

Lauren Falting

Senior Consultant - Human Resources,

Todd August

Manager - Accounting & Finance - Risk & Compliance,

Trini Nixon

Head of Customer Acquisition - JobAccelerator, ,

Leila Morgenroth

Principle Consultant - Talent Management, Perth,

Rebecca Bauer

Principal Consultant - Senior Executive,

Renee Noble

Manager - Marketing, Communications & Digital,

Paul Johanson

Manager – Business Support,

Jim Waldegrave

Manager - Accounting & Finance, Business Support,

Prue Agar

Manager - Business Support, HR and Scribing,

Dana Spasenoska

Regional Director - ACT,

Leisa Collins

Manager – ERP, People, Change, & Transformation,

Levina Poon

Senior Consultant - Risk & Compliance,

Penny Smythe

Senior Consultant - Senior Executive,

Catherine Lyttle

Senior Recruitment Consultant,