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Stephanie James

Consultant - Digital Marketing and Communications,

Murray Reordan

Manager - Development & Infrastructure,

Catherine Lyttle

Senior Recruitment Consultant,

Lorraine Smith

Director - Talent Management, ,

Matt Callow

Associate Director - Talent Management,

Penny Smythe

Senior Consultant - Senior Executive,

Levina Poon

Senior Consultant - Risk & Compliance,

Leisa Collins

Manager – ERP, People, Change, & Transformation,

Dana Spasenoska

Regional Director - ACT,

Prue Agar

Manager - Business Support, HR and Scribing,

Jim Waldegrave

Manager - Accounting & Finance, Business Support,

Paul Johanson

Manager – Business Support,

Renee Noble

Manager - Marketing, Communications & Digital,

Rebecca Bauer

Principal Consultant - Senior Executive,

Leila Morgenroth

Principle Consultant - Talent Management, Perth,

Trini Nixon

Head of Customer Acquisition - JobAccelerator, ,

Todd August

Manager - Accounting & Finance - Risk & Compliance,

Belinda Mertin

Managing Consultant – Human Resources,

Lauren Falting

Senior Consultant - Human Resources,

Alexandra Smith

Managing Consultant - Human Resources,

Leeann Soden

Manager - Marketing, Communications & Digital,

Natasha Down

Associate Director - Business Support,

Steve Webber

Manager – Project Services,

Sebastian Kowaleczko

Principal Consultant – Technology & Digital,

Phil Scardigno

Associate Director – Accounting & Finance - Risk & Compliance,

Pat Hart

Principal Consultant – Policy and Program - Senior Executive, ,

Jacky Mason

Manager – Engineering - Property & Construction - Supply Chain & Procurement,

Natalie Adams

Associate Director - Business Support - HR,

Matthew Smee

Managing Consultant - Engineering, Supply Chain & Procurement, Property & Construction,

Kristen Mangelsdorf

General Manager – VIC,

Jason Downes

Manager – Engineering- Supply Chain & Procurement - Property & Construction,

Jack Nicholls

Associate Director – Accounting & Finance - Risk & Compliance,

Gavan Wills

Manager – Analytics - Marketing & Communications,

Emma Hoar

Managing Consultant,

Donna Thomas

Manager – Business Support - Marketing, Communications & Digital,

Donna O’Flynn

Associate Director - Business Support,

David Walker

Regional Director- Newcastle,

Chris Lejsek

Director - Accounting & Finance,

Charles Kerr

Principal Consultant – Senior Executive,

Byron Ellis

Manager – Accounting & Finance, Policy & Program, Risk & Compliance,

Brett Elliott

Manager – Project Services,

Two women with a laptop talking at work

Managing workplace culture in the time of COVID-19

Culture and engagement are critical factors in driving organisational performance, and yet they have had to be re-invented during the COVID-19 disruptions. The hip office, workplace drinks, onsite gym and days off for birthdays, plus the casual banter around the water cooler: these are all aspects of work which go into creating a cohesive and…

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Couchworking - remote work

Top IT Certifications To Complete From Your Couch In 2020

  With the pandemic lockdowns, maybe you’ve been forced to work remotely. Maybe you’ve had to explore the deepest depths of Netflix to stave off boredom. And maybe you’ve even transformed your living room into a gym or yoga studio! But whether you’re on the laptop, TV or mat, you rely on technology to get…

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conquer the app store from your couch

Conquer the App Store from the Comfort of Your Couch

How to successfully sell your app idea online? You’re a genius. You’ve successfully released a new app for cinema-goers that tells people when it’s a good time to run out for a pee break during a movie. Now what? Well, now it’s time to profit from your ingenuity! The world’s unquenchable thirst for mobile apps…

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preparing for tomorrow's workforce

Preparing today for the workforce of tomorrow

HR directors were already dealing with a rapidly changing world when along came the unprecedented disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic. With little or no preparation, many employees have had to work from home, creating challenges for engagement, productivity and culture as well as the operational practicalities of work space and tools. According to Microsoft, the…

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Female Human Resources Manager

Why HR leaders are crucial for digital transformation

2020 has disrupted many sectors and industries and has well and truly shone a light on the important role HR plays in helping businesses navigate and thrive through change. In the early days of COVID-19, HR leaders and their teams had to move fast as they tackled the task of keeping employees safe. Then came…

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navigate your workforce decisions

Navigate your workforce decisions: lessons from the GFC

Lessons from the GFC to help you navigate your workforce decisions History can teach invaluable lessons. As we again need to reshape our teams and are forced to reduce headcounts, it is worth reviewing what we have learnt from the past. Organisations forced to reduce headcount due to the Covid-19 disruptions need to do so…

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