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Half of all hiring managers check candidates’ online digital footprint – are you prepared?

Half of all hiring managers check candidates’ online digital footprint – are you prepared?

There’s nowhere left to hide. An online background check by recruiters and employers is common practice these days and, unlike with a meeting or an interview, you can’t see who is assessing you.

In The Hudson Report: Employment Trends, Q3 2015 we asked hiring managers for their views on the use of social media in screening potential hires; specifically, whether they check candidates’ profiles, and if so why and what they are looking for.

1 in 2 hiring managers said they would check a candidate’s online social media profile when considering them for a role and the majority go to LinkedIn or Facebook to review a profile.

But what are they looking for?

Hiring managers are not only reviewing candidates’ social media profiles to gain more understanding of a candidate, their experience and skills as they relate to a proposed job, but also to weed out candidates that don’t match up.

Employers name top social media mistakes committed by job seekers

Our research also gleaned the top factors which can dissuade a hiring manager from hiring a candidate.

What’s the answer? Review your social media profile regularly

How can you avoid a situation where as a candidate your digital online footprint impacts your job prospects? It’s always a good idea to regularly check your online presence, especially before you start looking for your next job. It is important to know what anyone in the public domain can see about you and modify your online profile in order to ensure a positive digital footprint.

Start by doing a Google search on yourself and see what links, profiles and images come up in the results. You can adjust your account settings to restrict what can be seen easily by the general public, and to update any key information about you, your contact details and current or past work history.

Follow these top tips below to ensure best practice when managing your online reputation.





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