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Why you need to update your resume in 2015: part 2

Why you need to update your resume in 2015: part 2

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Resume writing has become a different animal in the digital age and job seekers need to be aware of how technological change affects the traditional approach to CVs. Here are my best tips for ensuring that your resume rises to the top of the digital heap. 

Optimise for web

When employers search for you online (which more and more are doing) it will reassure them to see you have a strong and professional online presence.
Make sure you have an online version of your resume uploaded on your LinkedIn profile, as well as on job sites. Add hyperlinks to business names, to link directly to the website of each of your previous employers.

Play it safe

In today’s connected world, you never know who is going to see your latest tweet, photo or status update. And given that almost half of all hiring managers look at social media when considering a candidate according to Hudson research, you should assume that potential employers are checking up on you.

This means you need to be comfortable with your current or potential boss seeing your social media profiles. Even if you limit who can view your content through your privacy settings, remember that content can still be copied, shared or forwarded unbeknownst to you, so your rule of thumb should be that if it’s something you don’t want potential employers to see, don’t post it.

You should never reveal confidential information about the company you work for or even complain about your boss or colleagues online – at worst it could get you into trouble, and at the very least it will make you look unprofessional.

Check and double-check

In our age of texting typos, autocorrect blunders and acronym overload, it’s no wonder that hiring managers and recruiters report that poorly written resumes are landing on their desks in ever increasing numbers. A recent CareerBuilder survey found that as many as 58 per cent of resumes contain typos. Make sure yours isn’t one of them. Proofread and spell-check religiously before sending your CV anywhere.

Also be aware that if you’re often going back and tweaking or updating your resume, typos, spelling mistakes and formatting issues can creep in without you realising. Regular tweaking can easily create a mismatched subject and verb or knock a sentence out of alignment – so re-read your resume in its entirety each time you make an amendment.

In our highly competitive market, a polished, professional and digitally enhanced resume will greatly increase your odds of getting noticed, wanted and finally hired. Master the art of resume writing and you’ll find it makes a crucial difference to your chances of being invited for that all-important interview this year.

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