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Australia Hiring Expectations - Quarter 3, 2015


Dean Davidson, EGM, Hudson Recruitment Australia

“The Hudson Report continues to point to changing dynamics in the hiring intentions of employers, with positive conditions in financial professional services counterbalancing weaker conditions across sectors such as resources and mining.”

Key Findings and Commentary

Permanent Hiring Expectations: Australia

  • Hiring sentiment shows a net 15.1% of employers looking to increase permanent headcount in Q3, a slight dip of 2 percentage points (pp) from 17.1% in Q2. While this is a second quarter of softening of hiring sentiment, results remain strong at 6 pp higher than the same time last year.
  • There is a widening hiring sentiment gap between industries. Resources and mining fell to a net figure of -20.5%, 9.4 percentage points lower than last quarter. However, sentiment is strong in professional services, where net hiring intentions have climbed to 32.6%.

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Permanent Hiring Expectations: Australia by State

  • Employers in Queensland are leading the positive hiring intentions for permanent staff, with a net 19.5% of hiring managers planning to increase headcount in Q3 2015, up by a significant 7.3pp compared to the previous quarter. The HR profession has evolved and is showing a growing demand for HR Business Partners who are embedded in the commercial aspects of the business. These roles have evolved from a pure HR focus to a project, transformation and change management remit.
  • NSW is sitting just below Queensland with a net 18.3% of hiring managers planning on increasing headcount in Q3 2015, a slight decrease of 1.4pp from the previous quarter. NSW remains strong, largely as a result of continued growth in property and construction as well as transformation projects in financial services.
  • In South Australia a net 11.4% of employers are looking to increase their permanent headcount, up 1.1pp from Q2. Whilst employers are still cautious, we are seeing demand for office and accounting support roles, technology business analysts and project managers.
  • The net hiring sentiment for the remaining states has decreased in comparison to the previous quarter.

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Permanent Hiring Expectations: Australia by Profession

  • The Sales, Marketing and Communications profession is the dominant force this quarter with a net 27.2% of employers looking to increase their permanent headcount. We are seeing a demand for sales and account management roles across all industries as well as a continued drive for digital roles.
  • The Office Support and Public Sector professions are showing an increase in demand with a net hiring sentiment of 22.4% and 18.8% respectively, up 1.4pp and 1.8pp from Q2. Within Office Support we are seeing a demand for customer services roles with SAP; legal secretaries and personal assistants.
  • The Financial Services profession continues to show strong demand with a net 18.8% of employers intending to increase their permanent headcount in Q3 2015. Business analysts and ‘pure’ change managers are in demand. We are increasingly seeing change managers become a compulsory feature of new projects leading to heightened demand for this role. The need for product focused analysts and process analysts is also set to increase.

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Contracting Hiring Expectations: Australia by Profession

  • The Financial Services profession leads contracting hiring intentions, with a net 20.8% of employers looking to hire.
  • A net 14.2% of employers intend to increase their contracting headcount in the Public Sector profession, an increase of 7.1pp from Q2. The increase is driven by the demand for specialised skill sets, particularly in procurement, risk and governance, investigations and scribing services.
  • We are still seeing strong demand in the ICT profession with a net 19% of hiring managers looking to increase their contracting headcount. There is a continued need for specialist skills to deliver large scale transformation projects including front end user experience and .Net skills.

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