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Balancing skills and cultural fit in IT recruitment

Balancing skills and cultural fit in IT recruitment
They might appear to be the perfect candidate – highly skilled on paper, interview well and both engaging and professional – but on the job and in the team, it can be a different story altogether.

Finding a balance between skills and a good cultural fit is a common dilemma across professions, and the unique skill requirements of ICT can make it even harder.


IT jobs outlook strong for contractors

IT jobs outlook strong for contractors

Professionals looking for IT jobs may want to revisit contracting: employers are now more likely to hire ICT contractors than permanent employees, according to the latest Hudson Report.

The Hudson Report, released this week, shows intention to hire IT contractors rose 2.0pp (percentage points) to 29.4% this quarter, the highest of all professions.

Intention to hire permanent IT employees, on the other hand, decreased, falling 3.6pp to 25.2%.

The figures suggest more IT employers could hire contractors than permanent staff this quarter, a result unseen in The Hudson Report in recent years.



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