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It's your Talent Management career - make it happen your way

It's an amazing time to join Hudson Talent Management! Recent client wins and ongoing engagements mean we're growing. Watch the video to see what makes us a great team and look at our open positions towards the bottom of the page. This could be the next exciting step in your career!

Why Hudson Talent Management should be your next career step

Smart, supportive, collaborative colleagues

One of the great things about being part of Hudson Talent Management is the team you’ll work with. They are all experts with great experience and are determined to do great things for our clients. Whether you’re a junior or senior member of the team, you’ll always have the opportunity to learn from the people around you. The team will stretch you, challenge your thinking and they’ll push you to achieve your best. But they will absolutely support you along the way too. We have a culture that encourages learning as you go and we work very collaboratively together. This, we believe, is how we deliver the best and make work fulfilling for us all too.

We work with leading and flexible tools

The tools we use as the basis of our customer solutions are flexible and customisable. Rather than being able only to use standardized off the shelf tools with your clients, ours give you the ability to tailor your solution to really reflect your customers’ needs and organisation and this, of course, results in delivering much better outcomes for them.

A unique position in the market

We have a unique position in the market. We have the investment in research and development, strength of brand, global experience, customer outcomes, rigour and depth of expertise that you’d expect from large organisations. And we have the flexibility, agility and close knit team that you’d experience in a boutique organisation. As a consultant here you will have a lot of autonomy around the solutions you deliver to your clients - and how you deliver them. We really have the best of both worlds.

Well-defined and transparent career opportunities

You can look forward to a choice of three career directions within Hudson Talent Management: leadership, consulting and technical specialist pathways. You’re not limited to just one so you can explore all three and we have many people who have done that. Here you’re given the opportunity to choose the career that is right for you and you’ll have transparent and objective steps to take in order to make the progress you want along your chosen path.

Who are we looking for?

The people who do well here put our clients first. They’re inquisitive, curious about people, their clients’ business and the world around them, and they love solving problems. They’re collaborative and are good at working with others to develop solutions that best address our clients’ challenges. They’re entrepreneurial, and have a great appreciation of what it takes to run a successful business and the resilience that it requires from us as individuals.

Our people are thought leaders

The Hudson Talent Management team makes a significant contribution to broader HR and talent conversations. Here are just a few examples of thought leadership from some of our team.

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