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Hudson Unveils Talent Blueprint For Big Data

Australia – 14 August 2013 – A significant talent shortage is looming globally as companies seek to leverage big data for competitive advantage but struggle to find people with the right skills and competencies in this relatively uncharted territory.

Gartner estimates that “by 2015, 4.4 million information technology jobs globally will be created to support big data.” but says “only one-third of the information technology jobs will be filled, and data experts will be a scarce, valuable commodity.”1

Research from global talent solutions firm, Hudson, reveals that 78 per cent of Australian respondents think their organisation currently lacks the skills and competencies to successfully undertake a big data initiative effectively.

In response to this, Hudson today released the Hudson Industry Leaders Series: Tackling the Big Data Talent Challenge report which provides employers with a blueprint for sourcing the talent to develop a big data function to unlock and deliver business value from big data. As part of its thought leadership series, Hudson brought together leading practitioners in the field to discuss this critical business issue facing executives across Australia and New Zealand.

“Much has been written about big data and organisations know that there is great value to be leveraged from the volume, variety and velocity of modern data sources, such as email, social media, text messages, spreadsheets and real-time research. However, few are tackling the challenge of how to best resource the big data opportunity. How do companies identify and recruit the right people, who will effectively manage, manipulate and most importantly, exploit these fast-growing data reserves?” said CEO Hudson Asia Pacific, Mark Steyn.

Finding the right skills and competencies in a relatively unchartered area such as big data is challenging. “People who can blend deep technical expertise, business and analytical skills, an understanding of the market and the customer represent nirvana in terms of big data talent. Unfortunately these individuals are in short supply. This presages a skills crisis of vast proportions and is forcing organisations to look outside the usual supply network for talent,” said Steyn.

The lynchpin of a big data team and the hardest-to-find talent in the current environment is the big data analyst. Using Hudson’s proprietary tools and methodologies, psychologists from Hudson’s R&D team developed a talent blueprint identifying the competencies and attributes that big data analysts should display. This highlighted an elusive blend of technical and soft abilities which were critical to success in the analyst role.

Hudson also looked at the attributes of big data analysts and mapped these against a test group of other professionals. It found potential big data analysts could come from widely disparate backgrounds, such as sales, information technology, marketing, and engineering.

“Each organisation is at a different stage of leveraging big data and it is essential to find the right talent to unlock value from the data tsunami and turn it into actionable insights which deliver business value. Irrespective of where you are at in your efforts, Hudson can help source the talent you need,” added Steyn.

“Big data is as an equal opportunity disruption because all enterprises have access to vast streams of data. Those that invest in exploiting the data, and take the time to carefully find, hire and retain the right skills mix will achieve competitive advantage,” he said.

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