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2014 Salary & Employment Insights: A guide to salaries and recruitment trends across Australia and New Zealand

2013 was a transformative year for Australian organisations and more challenges lie ahead. In 2014, the keys to achieving growth and profitability will be how to attract, retain and remunerate your people in the coming year. Hudson’s salary guides provide critical information on:

  • The impact of large-scale organisational change
  • What drives employees today
  • Key factors that attract job seekers 
  • The effects of tighter budgets
  • Reasons why people stay in organisations 
  • What's in, what's out: roles on the rise and fall

Who is earning what in 2014 – and why

Hudson’s Salary & Employment Insights is the comprehensive guide to Australian salaries in 2014. Essential reading for hiring managers, team managers or anyone seeking to expand their own career, it includes salary breakdowns plus rich and detailed insights into the key trends affecting professions today.

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